Monday, October 20, 2008

Chandrayaan mission count down

Mission Objectives:

* To launch and orbit a spacecraft in lunar polar orbit and conduct scientific studies.
* To carry out high resolution mapping of topographic features in 3D, distribution of various minerals and elemental chemical species including radioactive nuclides covering the entire lunar surface using a set of remote sensing payloads. The new set of data would help in unraveling mysteries about the origin and evolution of solar system in general and that of the moon in particular or on its composition and mineralogy.
* Realize the mission goal of harnessing the science payloads, lunar craft and the launch vehicle with suitable ground support system including DSN station, integration and testing, launching and achieving lunar orbit of ~100 km, in-orbit operation of experiments, communication/telecommand, telemetry data reception, quick look data and archival for scientific utilization by identified group of scientists.


david santos said...

Excellent work!
Have a nice week.

Mohammed Fauzi said...

Images: Mission successful! Chandrayaan in the orbit