Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We Speak Clients Language


I feel privileged to work in IT industry. Because all other industries need support from us!
Its really a nice experience to work with people from different industries. And the people we meet may vary from higher profiles like CEO's, Vice presidents, Managers till any employee who use a computer. Once we deliver a Web functionality, in many cases what they say is, "I see the old screen","I see the old functionality", "Its not working..." so on... the reason could be a simple one like Browser caching, which is storing of page contents in browser to display the contents quickly next time when you visit the same page. The solution we say is to, Please clear their browser cache and try again.

Here comes the tricky part where some may be aware of how to do this and some may not be...So we need to explain the steps in a simple manner so that every one should understand.

The only solution I practice now a days is just one screen shot for IE and one for Firefox.

It really works fine and It could be understood by ANY one :)

For IE7

For Mozilla Firefox


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