Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SSIS: cannot be processed because more than one code page (1256 and 1252) are specified for it


In My SSIS, I got the following error when I changed the Data type through Data Conversion component.

Data Flow Task: The column "" cannot be processed because more than one code page (1256 and 1252) are specified for it. (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)

When we searched the forums, most common answer found was to set AlwaysUseDefaultCodePage=true in Properties.

When I did the same it worked for me




Anonymous said...

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Best regards

Guennadi Vanine said...

"to set AlwaysUseDefaultCodePage=true in Properties"
properties of what?

Fauzi said...

For Destination Data flow Component

Guennadi Vanine said...

Thanks for reply
I already detected that this error does not appear if I remove the last/destination data flow task, i.e. something wrong exactly in it.
But playing with AlwaysUseDefaultCodePage and DefaultCodePage did not help.

I googled for everything and cannot understand where is from or why this error
("more than one code page")...
I cannot get rid of it...

college board said...

Having read this material, I have learned for myself a lot of the new. Thanks

Kiran.Y said...

Today I faced same issue and found that source and target is having the property ‘defaultcode pace/codepage’ value is different (it should be same default value is1252). After changing the property ‘cadepage’ it is working fine.