Monday, November 30, 2009

Publish Infopath form with CodeBehind


When I publish a normal infopath form without code behind, I was able to publish them from Info path editor it self and on click of 'New' in forms library, i was able to view the form in the Browser. But when i tried to publish with Codebehind and Click 'New' the form only opened in a New editor!

When i googled for the same, came to know that when we add code behind logic (say with C#) first we need to publish and later we need to approve the info path form through Sharepoint Administration.

There are four steps to be implemented:

  • Publish the Template to the File System
  • Upload the Template to Central Administration Form Templates Library
  • Activate the Form Template in your Site Collection
  • Associate the Form Template with the Form Library
It is clearly given in the following Link: Click
Its very helpful...


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