Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where Am I ! A sample on Geo location using ArcGIS API


I have created a Geo location finder page using ArcGIS api. It is a test page to display the current location of the browser. I am sending to friends across the globe to evaluate. Please try from your end and reply whether it works fine or not & your browser version. mostly it is supported in all latest versions.

Live Sample :

We have used the following web-service in this sample:

Observation as on 1 July: For some friends in IE 8 it didn't work. Rest for Firefox version greater than 3.5,Chrome, IE9, It worked once the user allowed "share my location" option. and we have also tested in Iphone which is upgraded with version 4.3.


Anonymous said...

It works fine in IE 9, Chrome, Firefox above 3.5 :)

Its don'nt worked in IE8 when i tried :(

Bu Haajar Awwab Khatib said...

Looks like it shows my ISP server location. As it is pointing somewhere in Kuwait City while I am in Abu Halifa